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Welcome to the MAB Wiki, developed and maintained by the MAB Youth Networks.

This wiki is a work in progress, and not intended to be released to the public until further notice.[edit | edit source]

This website is intended to document the UNESCO MAB Programme and its volunteers work, with a particular focus on the work and activities of the young people and communities who make up in the MAB Programme.



MAB Youth

History of the MAB Programme

Working Groups

Nominating Biosphere Reserves


This website is owned and administrated by Paul Mukhin, Australian MAB Youth Representative and Coordinator of the Asia-Pacific MAB Youth Network. Please refer all queries to Paul via [email protected]. This website and wiki is maintained by volunteers and communities who're the backbone of the MAB Programme, and all queries intended for UNESCO and the Secretariat of the MAB Programme should be sent to UNESCO directly. See legal status page for more information.